Environmental Health

: Dr. Courtney Howard
: info@cape.ca
: https://cape.ca/
: (416) 306-2273
: 308-192 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON. M5T 2C2

Launched in 2019, CAPE Ontario is our fourth regional committee. This group of dedicated health professionals are involved in a number of issues involving climate health and policy, active travel, healthy communities and air pollution and toxics.

: Dr. Curtis Lavoie, Dr. Joe Vipond
: clavoie@cheo.on.ca

Description: Team leader for EnviroMed

: Dr. Peter Sakuls
: doctorsforsafecycling@gmail.com
: www.doctorsforsafecycling.ca/

Attend meetings and engage in campaigns around safe cycling as a health issue in Toronto.