Logements inadéquats et santé

: Rosemary Jones
: rosemary.jones@cornerstonewomen.ca
: www.cornerstonewomen.ca
: 613-254-6584 ext. 504
: 314 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON K1R 7K2

Cornerstone provides emergency shelter and safe affordable permanent housing for women in Ottawa. They currently have a partnership with the University of Ottawa to provide Community Service Learning (CSL) opportunities for first year medical students. To become a volunteer at Cornerstone either request it as your CSL placement or go through the CSL website to arrange a placement.

: Shea Kiely
: shea@housinghelp.on.ca
: https://action-logement.ca/en/housing-help/
: 613-563-3229 ext. 227
: 502-309 Cooper St Ottawa, ON K2P 0G5

Housing Help is a housing loss prevention organization in Ottawa that provides free services to low- to moderate-income individuals and families to access and maintain safe, adequate and affordable housing. Opportunities are available for medical students to arrange for tours to learn more about the programs and services offered. Please note that volunteer opportunities are not available due to the confidential nature of the work.

: supportingcast@palottawa.org
: 613-730-0789
: 2, avenue Daly, Ottawa, ON K1N 6E2

PAL Ottawa is a not-for-profit corporation with charitable status. Its Mission is to provide senior members of the Capital Region’s arts community with essentials such as personal care services, links to the local arts community and affordable housing, — so they can live, not in isolation and need and fear, but in dignity within a caring community, and: retain their independence and well-being, maintain their creative energy, and remain connected to the artistic community. Opportunities with PAL are dynamic. Please consult the following website to find out about what is available right now. http://palottawa.org/volunteer-2/ Also please use our contact if you are interested in volunteering.

: Stephanie Mora Garcia
: smgarcia@sghottawa.com
: www.sghottawa.com/contact-us/
: 613 789 8210 ext. 228
: 233 Murray St. Ottawa, ON K1N 5M9

With opportunities available at each of our eight locations and including such diverse work as serving in our soup kitchen, gardening and even office administration, you’re sure to find a volunteer position that suits your skills, schedule, and desire to help.