Santé mentale

: Dr Floyd Wood

Rôles actuels :
Directeur de l’enseignement en psychiatrie aux EMPC, Le Royal
Psychiatre légiste
– Clinique d’aide juridique familiale
– Cliniques de télépsychiatrie en milieu carcéral

Description des rôles
Dr. Wood’s role in the Family Court Clinic is to provide informed opinions and recommendations to the Courts regarding Child Welfare as well as Young Offender cases going before the Family Court. This takes into account each individual’s background, socioeconomic issues, mental health, addictions, and medical issues. The intent is to optimize the outcome of the child(ren)’s development into various adult roles, including education, employment, and relationships while also attempting to reduce morbidity and mortality. Furthermore, Dr. Wood’s role in the Telepsychiatry Correctional Clinics is to provide timely and sufficient mental health assessments and care to incarcerated individuals. Prisons have come to be considered one of the larges mental health hospitals in the United States and Canada, and it was opined that these individuals’ Human Rights were being impinged by lack of access to medical and mental health care. This is especially important considering that there is a proportion of individuals who are involved in criminal activity partly due to their mental health issues. Dr. Wood is able to provide medical student exposure to the Telepyschiatry Correctional Clinics on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as well as Friday mornings. The Family Court Clinic exposure could also be provided on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Wednesday and Friday afternoons. There is also upcoming research potential once data collecting is completed.

Domaines d’intérêt
Le Dr Wood aime pratiquer une variété de sports, dont la course, le tennis et le curling, tout en maintenant une vie équilibrée en participant à des clubs de lecture et en voyageant. De plus, à la maison, le Dr Wood prend plaisir à s’entourer de sa meute de chats.


: Dre Sinthuja Suntharalingam

Bien que je m’intéresse particulièrement à la consommation de substances chez les adolescents, les étudiants peuvent se joindre à moi dans le cadre de mes fonctions cliniques en psychiatrie de consultation-liaison (affections médicales avec troubles psychiatriques, urgences psychiatriques chez les enfants et les adolescents). Les étudiants peuvent aussi m’accompagner lors des visites mensuelles que j’effectue à titre de consultante au Centre médical de l’Équipe de santé familiale Akausivik Inuit.

: Jonathan Shmidt
: 613-725-3601 poste 237
: 312 Parkdale Avenue Ottawa ON K1Y 4X5


Family Services Ottawa provides a range of individual, group, couple and family counselling services for individuals experiencing a range of mental health challenges. Family Services Ottawaprovides walk-in counselling services ( single session model) on Tuesdays 12pm -8pm and Saturdays 12pm – 5pm. Medical students who are interested in gaining a better understanding of community based mental health services will have the opportunity to participate in the clinic. Students have to commit to attending 3 clinic days ( orientation; observation of a session; participation in a reflection team); provide documentation they are a current/ active medical student; sign a confidentiality form. This would be ideal for students who completed some courses /training in mental health.