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CHEO’s Centre for Healthy Active Living (CHAL) works with children and their families with complex severe obesity through one coordinated and patient-specific plan of care which includes specialists such as a pediatric endocrinologist, general pediatrician, psychologists, case management nurse, registered dietitian, exercise specialist, social worker and child and youth counselor. Recognizing that healthy bodies come in a wide range of body shapes and sizes, CHEO’s Centre for Healthy Active Living works with families to help them improve health through changes in health behaviours. Making changes to health behaviours - how and what you eat, how you move and how you cope - can lead to significant improvements in health and well-being, with little or no changes in body weight.



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Dr MacPherson is a specialist in infectious diseases with a clinical and research interest in gay men's health and HIV prevention. His clinical focus in on HIV care, anal cancer screening, as well as HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). Dr MacPherson co-authored the Canadian guidelines on HIV PrEP and PEP. Dr MacPherson's research is focused on improving gay men's access to and retention in culturally relevant healthcare.

Opportunities: Learning opportunities, events and multimedia

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Family Services Ottawa provides a range of individual, group, couple and family counselling services for individuals experiencing a range of mental health challenges. Family Services Ottawaprovides walk-in counselling services ( single session model) on Tuesdays 12pm -8pm and Saturdays 12pm – 5pm. Medical students who are interested in gaining a better understanding of community based mental health services will have the opportunity to participate in the clinic. Students have to commit to attending 3 clinic days ( orientation; observation of a session; participation in a reflection team); provide documentation they are a current/ active medical student; sign a confidentiality form. This would be ideal for students who completed some courses /training in mental health.

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Chronic disease is the most prominent health care problem in Canada. Improving patient self-management of chronic conditions can improve overall outcomes such as reducing blood pressure and glycemic levels; optimizing quality of care and improving health service use. Self-management support (SMS) enables patients to perform better medical management of their illness; carry out normal roles and activities; and manage the emotional impact of their illness in partnership with their health care provider.
There are increasing efforts to understand patients' experiences in managing their chronic conditions and accessing resources to support their self management. It is essential to develop a better understanding of the factors which might promote or hinder the success of programmes designed to support patient self management in the Canadian health system.
Funded by the Champlain Local Health Integration Network, Living Healthy Champlain coordinates, promotes and facilitates self-management programs across the Champlain Local Health Integration Network. 
Self-management programs seek to empower individuals to cope with disease and live better quality lives by developing self-efficacy or a level of confidence in their ability to manage their own chronic conditions and interactions with the health care system and individual providers. Living Healthy Champlain provides a centralized program to improve coordination of and access to self-management supports, programs and resources for people with chronic conditions and training for healthcare professionals supporting patients living with chronic conditions.

Volunteer Description:
Peer Leader Training is four 8-hour days. This training will consist of two days the first week (November 20 & 21, 2017) and two the following week (November 27 & 28, 2017). Training will be held in English. 
Workshop Leaders are dedicated community volunteers who empower participants to better manage their chronic conditions and to live a healthy life. Leaders typically have first-hand experience with a chronic condition themselves. They apply and model self-management skills in their own lives. Leaders may be lay people or health care professionals. Regardless, they act as peers when leading the workshop, not as health experts. Two Peer Leaders always work together to deliver the workshops.
Good for people interested in: Teaching/Tutoring; Health Care
You will be working with: Men; People with disabilities or medical conditions; Seniors; Women
How will this volunteer opportunity benefit you?
As a leader, you will have the satisfying task of integrating the contents of the program and learning group facilitation skills that can be transferred to other areas of your life. Most importantly, you will watch people affected by chronic conditions successfully manage their health conditions by using the skills and tools that you have shared with them.
How will the organization benefit?
As a volunteer you will enable us to provide the Living a healthy life workshop across the Champlain region. The workshop is led by two leaders who have taken special training. The leaders are volunteers or health care professionals, many of whom have chronic conditions themselves The Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions workshop helps people with chronic health conditions to better manage their symptoms and their daily life. It is FREE to participants, and participants receive the Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions reference book for free. All participants must pre-register for a workshop. We suggest participants attend all six sessions if possible. The more sessions attended, the more benefit! Workshop groups meet once a week for 2½ hours, over six weeks. There are eight to sixteen participants in each workshop. The workshop teaches skills for living a healthy life including: healthy eating; exercise; pain and fatigue management

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The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa offers many opportunities for students wanting to gain a field placement experience or volunteer their time. We offer field placements in our family visitation program where children and their parents can visit with one another in a safe space. We offer field placements in our resource department working with foster, kin or adoptive parents. Lastly we have field placement with our protection services. Students can also volunteer their time in our mentor program, drives, youth program.